The second most popular dog in the United States is the German Shepherd Dog. Beloved for his heroism in war and at home, the stories of German Shepherds make him highly desirable. Are you trying to decide on a German Shepherd pup? Is the German Shepherd right for you? Let us help you answer that question.



Back in the 1850’s there was the continental shepherd. From that dog came the Belgian Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd and the German Shepherd Dog. Originally the GSD was used to herd and guard livestock, most often sheep. As such, the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) was bred for purpose, not looks. The first registered GSD was in 1899. Since then some breeders have wandered away from strict purpose and evolved to breeding for specific colors, which is not what the original breeder, Max Von Stephanitz, intended.



A German Shepherd Dog is eager to have a job to do. Without a purpose given to them, they will make one on their own. They are ready to learn and thrive off of learning because of their innate curiosity to explore. The GSD has an intense personality which can be for good or for bad depending on how the owner handles and trains his GSD. The GSD is confident in himself and his abilities.¬†They can sense danger often before a human is even aware of the impending threat. His high intelligence helps him both in threatening situations, but also helps him to learn commands much more quickly than many of his fellow dog breeds. Probably the most important part of the German Shepherds personality is his loyalty. German Shepherds are extremely loyal to their owner and/or family. People who work in kennels or doggy day care’s often complain that the German Shepherd is the most difficult to care for. Why? Because the GSD is loyal to his person, not to the worker assigned to dogsit him. Once you have the love of a German Shepherd you will have it forever along with fierce protection whenever he is with you.



Be prepared for fur balls and love. Often nicknamed the ‘German shedder’ the GSD has gained a reputation for lots of fur around the house. However, in return they provide you with boundless love and loyalty. The GSD though will not fit into every persons life. Be prepared to take training very seriously. The GSD has one of the strongest bites and a serious lawsuit could develop if you have not properly trained your GSD. Be ready to socialize as soon as possible. Take him to public places often. You need to ensure that you are a calm confident individual that can take the lead for an extremely confident and strong dog. Exercise will benefit your dog not only physically, but mentally as well. A well exercised German Shepherd Dog is more willing to learn and easier to train. Your German Shepherd Dog needs a diet rich in nutrition to keep him healthy and strong.

Honestly ask yourself if you can provide firm leadership, exercise, proper nutrition, and love/time? If you cannot or doubt your answer then wait to purchase a GSD until you are ready or look into another breed. There is no shame in that. If you want to know more, we recommend this book which takes you step by step through the life of your German Shepherd Dog so you can get a better idea of what to expect. The link provides you with the opportunity to look at quite a few of the pages which is important when deciding on a book.

Learn all about the GSD before you make a final decision. Hopefully this site helped you get started. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section!

To check out more resources and training tips for the German Shepherd Click here to visit Resources for the German Shepherd Dog.



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