America’s classic dog, the Golden Retriever. Famous for his ability to learn quickly, but even more well known for his incredible capacity to love. Is the Golden Retriever the right dog for you? Learn about this fun loving breed and decide for yourself.




The widely accepted origin of the Golden Retriever is that Lord Tweedmouth (yes, quite a fun name) is the man responsible for the Golden Retriever. He wanted a hunting dog that would excel at retrieving water fowl and upland fowl, was extremely responsive, and a good family dog. He started by picking out the only blonde puppy from a litter of black Wavy-Coated Retrievers. This was Nous, who was then bred to the now extinct breed, the Tweed Water Spaniel. It is believed that all Golden Retrievers can trace their ancestry back to these two dogs.



If you are looking for a guard dog, this is probably not the breed for you (although there are stories out there of heroic Golden’s who stepped in front of danger to protect their loved ones). The Golden Retriever’s shining quality is his loyalty to master. Nothing quite compares to his devotion. They are brave and kind, athletic and versatile all while being the perfect family companion. The Golden Retrievers willingness to please combined with his energy make him great for agility competitions. The Golden makes a great therapy dog and has also been known to work in police work. They are incredibly smart and learn extremely fast. Due to the Golden Retriever’s history in retrieving water fowl, he has developed what is called a ‘soft mouth’. The purpose of the soft mouth was so that the dog did as little damage with his teeth, to the retrieved bird. Golden Retrievers have been known to let kids take food out of their mouths! The soft mouth also relates to the breeds tendency to be ‘mouthy’. For example, the Golden loves to grab you by the hand and lead you or always has to have something in their mouth.  There are many tricks to training your Golden Retriever not to be mouthy and you should start this as early as possible!



If you desire goofy smiles, hairballs, endless fetching, and swimming forever then the Golden Retriever is the right dog for you. The Golden Retriever is a great fit for any active fun family. Yes, the Golden Retriever will still need to be trained! The Golden Retriever has a tendency to chew, dig, and be mouthy and all of these behaviors should be corrected at a young age. If you are up for it though, then you could do well with a Golden. They still require a lot of exercise that you are responsible to provide! Take him for a swim or run, play fetch, train for an agility competition, or train him to hunt with you. They can also learn to do police and therapy work. The possibilities are endless with such a smart breed. Tap into their ability to learn and you will be pleased. Be a pack leader and they will follow devotedly. Golden Retrievers do tend to have a lot of health issues so choose from a reputable breeder, have regular veterinary visits, and start with good healthy food! Do not skimp on the quality of their food. If you start with good food from the beginning then you can ward off skin allergies and rashes, excess shedding, eye itchiness and redness, and improve the quality of their bones, joints and muscles. Have I stressed enough how important their food is! If you are ready to provide them with a healthy diet, fun exercise, love, and discipline then you could be ready for a Golden Retriever.


For training techniques, tools, and more resources for the Golden Retriever click here.




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