Resources for the Labrador Retriever

This is where we have compiled all of the resources that you need to start your Labrador Retriever off right. There are training videos that focus on the Labrador Retriever, food that focuses on the Labrador Retriever, and sports that your Labrador Retriever could really excel at. This page should get you and your pup started on a path to success.

First we want to share a video of a top trainer, Stonnie Dennis, fromĀ Kentucky Canine Training Center. He is down to earth and you can tell all of his dogs are well trained and responsive. This video focuses on Fitz, a young black lab that is being trained over a few months. Take a look for some helpful tips and ideas.

After you watch this first video, go on to watch the rest of the videos in the series as you and your lab learn together.

As you begin training your lab you will want to have something to teach him to retrieve. You can use a regular ball, but if you want to set your lab up to learn how to hunt I recommend getting this, (click on the picture to follow the link). It teaches your dog to have a soft mouth which is important when learning to retrieve fowl. Bonus is that the item is only a couple bucks!

If you plan on really teaching your dog to hunt, then click this link:

This book comes highly recommended from many sources. It is a great resource to get you started on Retriever Training.

Here, Freddy King demonstrates how to teach your lab the basics needed for duck hunting. Take a look at his first video if you want to get started teaching your dog to hunt:


If you would like to learn even more about your Labrador Retriever take a look at Labrador Headquarters,a site dedicated entirely to your favorite breed. Click Here

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