The Bulldog has been winning hearts for ages with his wrinkly folds and friendly disposition. Do you think the Bulldog might be right for you? Learn about the Bulldogs history, temperament, and if the Bulldog is the right breed for you!



The Bulldog has been around for over 500 years and first appeared in The British Isles as bait for bulls. People would pay to watch several bulldogs unleashed on a tethered down bull. Bets were placed to wager which bulldog would successfully grip the nose of the bull in his jaws and bring the bull to the ground. Many bulldogs lost their life to this practice. When bull baiting was finally outlawed the breed was on it’s way to extinction. Thankfully, Bulldog enthusiasts worked to save the breed. As they did so they bred out all aggression and fighting tendencies. Along with disposition changes, the physical appearance of the Bulldog changed as well. During the fighting era of Bulldogs the breed was taller and the snout longer. That has changed to a shorter, stockier build with a shorter nose.


Far from the fearless aggression that the Bulldog of old once was, the modern Bulldog is loving, loyal, and even a class clown! His jovial character combined with an easy going attitude make him a popular family choice. If that weren’t enough he is perfectly protective of his family. The temperament of the Bulldog needs no improvement by most people’s standard.



If the Bulldog has such a ‘perfect disposition’, then why isn’t he the most popular dog? The Bulldog, while loving, is also lazy. If you are looking for an athletic hiking partner then this is not the dog for you. The build of the Bulldog combined with his short snout makes it difficult for the dog to exercise. It is also difficult for the Bulldog to stay cool. Those two factors combined make him prone to laying around the house for most of the day. The Bulldog can also be expensive to purchase. Their big heads are difficult for the mother Bulldog to give birth naturally. 80% of Bulldogs are born by Caesarean section which results in a high price tag. But, when you pay for the Bulldog you receive a devoted companion who can give you love and laughs for a laugh time. The Bulldogs sweet disposition may be well worth the sacrifice.


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