What do you need for your Golden Retriever? We have compiled the best resources and brought them to you here. If you would like to know more leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

We only share videos of professional trainers with proven methods.

Many Golden Retrievers are extremely mouthy. This can get annoying fast! Here is a video from Zac George on puppy biting.

If you are in the market for a good chew toy, the Kong puppy brand is very reliable. This will help cut down on puppy biting too. Make sure to get one that fits your dogs mouth. This one will last and you can even add treats inside. Click the image to grab one for your puppy.

Below is a video by the company Smiling Dog. This video is a great representation of how well behaved your dog can behave even at a young age. This Golden Retriever is learning to heel.

Having a six foot leash, like the one used in the video, is important in early training. Avoid using the extendable leashes until your dog is properly trained on the leash. We recommend using a leash like this one,

Click Here for 6ft Nylon Remington Slip Leash

We recommend this one for two reasons that have a big impact on the success of your training. 1 – The slip knot is much more effective in creating communication between you and the dog. When used properly the slip knot is a faster way to let your dog know if his behavior is or is not desirable. 2- The circular design of the rope, instead of a flat leash design, is easier on your hands. Too often when you are training with a flat leash, especially if it is an older adult dog, the edges of the flat leash can quickly burn or cut your hand.

If you have any questions or reservations about the slip leash, watch this video:


The long beautiful coat of the Golden Retriever can easily become mangled and knotted. To keep it shiny and soft use this AMAZING brush. Click the image for the link. It has the highest reviews and the dogs love it too.


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