BEAGLE: The Breed

A great family dog, the beagle is the fourth most popular dog in the United States. He is desirable for his sweet personality that gets along with everyone, his hardy nature, and his lovable face.


While there are many references to the Beagle throughout history, his lineage is unclear. Scent hounds that closely resembled¬† Beagles are known back as far as 1475, but a concrete ancestry is questionable. The origin of the name ‘Beagle’ is also debated. Some believe it is Celtic origin that means ‘small’ while others believe it is French which would translate to ‘loud mouth’, both correctly describe the Beagle.

What we do know is that the Beagle is a scent hound and historically caught its’ prey in packs. The pack size could be anywhere from 5-30+ Beagles. The Beagle’s size, coloring, and voice were all bred to make him a better hunter. His size is perfectly suited for rabbit or large hare hunting. The tip of his tail is white so hunters could see the dog in the field. The Beagles loud bay voice is typical of hounds and assists the hunter in finding/following the dogs on the hunt.



The Beagle is truly a sweet natured dog with a disposition to play and love. He is a great playing with kids and adventuring in the outdoors. The Beagle is often described as being merry. However, the breed has a stubborn streak and can be quite naughty as they determine to do things their own way.

Due to his independent nature, it is pertinent that you start training as early as possible. It is highly recommended that you seek professional advice because the breed can be difficult to train. Some owners have reported it took an entire year of training their Beagle to go potty outside. Start training early.

The Beagle has an incredibly powerful nose that often gets him into trouble. He will follow his nose far and wide. Owners complain of ‘selective hearing’ with their Beagle. If the breed smells something interesting then he will select not to hear you. Their powerful nose often leads them to trouble and trouble looks a lot like your garbage can. They will find food anywhere and creatively (make a mess) to get to it. Often Beagles are obese because they have no off switch when it comes to food.

Their propensity for food often leads them to be easily treat trained. If you have a treat then you have your Beagle’s attention. They will quickly figure out what you want if it means they are rewarded with food.

The Beagle also has the typical loud bay of most hunting breeds. It is important that you exercise your Beagle to cut down on any anxious baying. Many Beagles are given to shelters because the neighbors couldn’t handle the early morning music of the Beagle.



If you aren’t deterred by the Beagles often naughty behavior then you might consider yourself charmed with his dapper personality.¬† His innocent gaze is a hard one to pass up, especially when combined with such a big heart. The tiny compact body is a plus that makes him suited to a variety of situations and homes. The Beagle also does not shed much. He will shed seasonally, but it isn’t too noticeable. The Beagle does require at least an hour of vigorous outdoor exercise, preferably more. If he is not properly exercised, his vices will quickly become painfully apparent.

If you can provide exercise, dedicated training, and a healthy diet then the Beagle might be right for your home. There are sure to be many laughs and lots of love along the way with the Beagle by your side.


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