Resources for the German Shepherd Dog

Because the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) has the capability to become aggressive it is vital that you take the time to train your GSD and you begin training early.

The key to effective training is first holding the attention of your dog and associating that specific behavior with positive rewards. Teach this as soon as possible. Reinforce the behavior by practicing it several times a day. Here are two videos from k9-1 that demonstrate the technique well.

When training your puppy it is best to do it when he is still hungry. This ensures a highly motivated puppy. Always choose high quality ingredients, even in a treat. Make sure that the ingredients are whole food products. One of our favorites (and most highly rated on Amazon) is Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats – Slow Smoked, Delicious, Tender AND Healthy 6″ Jerky Sticks – Choose Beef, Chicken or Turkey – 16 oz. Bag … (Beef).

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats – Slow Smoked, Delicious, Tender AND Healthy 6″ Jerky Sticks – Choose Beef, Chicken or Turkey – 16 oz. Bag … (Beef)“>Click Here

Once you have a solid foundation with your GSD it will be much easier to move forward in the training process. There are several directions that you can take when training your GSD.

If you are looking for a protection dog it is highly recommended that you leave this to the professionals. Remember, German Shepherds are innately protective and will not need extra protection training. Unless you are going into military or police work it is highly unlikely that you need your GSD to go through protection, or shutzhund training.

It is more important that you make sure your German Shepherd is flawless at obeying your commands. An awesome example of perfect obedience, King trained from Off Leash k9 Training.

As you watch the video, observe that King is not trained to attack or protect. Rather, King is perfect in his obedience. This will serve you just as well as protection training, but avoid any potential sticky situations. If there is ever a time when you are in actual danger your German Shepherd is already going to know what to do.


If you put in the time you can train your dog to have razor sharp obedience just like King. Training your GSD will only strengthen the bond and communication you share with him.

Note: The preferred method is to do it yourself, but know your limits.┬áIf you don’t have the time or desire to train personally or if you feel the situation has become too big to tackle alone then we highly recommend a professional trainer.

If you are just starting out then we always recommend this leash, no matter the breed. Coastal Pet Products DCPR0216GRW Nylon Remington Rope Slip Dog Leash, 6-Feet, Green/White. Using a slip leash creates a better line of communication between you and your dog and the rounded leash (vs the flat leash) is easier on your hands.

Have you ever heard of the Monks of New Skete? There is a monastery in the hills of New York that breed and raise healthy German Shepherd Dog’s. They have published several books about breeding the GSD and raising one. The books are centered around German Shepherds specifically, which is why we highly recommend it for all owners of the GSD. Click Here to visit their site and learn what they are all about or grab a copy of their book by clicking below the image. This should get you and your German Shepherd puppy off on the right paw!

Click here to get your copy




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