Arguably one of the most beautiful dog breeds on the planet, the Siberian Husky has a coat of many colors and eyes to match. The breed’s athleticism and power create a sense of dignity and beauty. Many can’t resist the allure of the Siberian Husky, but can the breed live up to his first impressions?



The Siberian Husky dates back to over 500,000 years ago when the Chukchi people of Siberia needed an animal to pull their loads. The Chukchi had to travel far to reach the sea where the Walrus meat was and pull it home. Through their breeding they created the Siberian Husky. As a result we have a dog that his instincts are to run hard and to run for long distances. The Siberian Husky has even been a subject of scientists as they sought to discover how the breed’s metabolism supported them in the freezing cold while running so hard for such long periods of time. What they discovered, was the Siberian Husky has a metabolism that changes as he runs. The metabolism runs for hours burning energy, but reserves the fat store so the dog does not become fatigued. Scientists have no explanation as to how the dog does it, but it is unique to their breed.


The Siberian Husky was brought to Alaska and used for racing and transport mail and other goods across long distances. The breed really gained popularity during the Diphtheria crisis in Nome, Alaska. The people of Nome desperately needed the antitoxin. When no other transportation succeeded people turned to the Siberian Husky. The distance was 700 miles in -40 degree weather. The trail was split among 20 teams of dogs to complete the trail as quickly as possible.

During World War II, the U.S. army used the Siberian Husky for search and rescue efforts. They were also used in the Byrd Antarctic Expedition in the late 1920’s.



Playful does not quite do the Siberian Husky justice when trying to describe his love for fun. The breed is almost jovial as he plays and beams with energy. The Siberian Husky has an almost radiant personality that makes him a popular friend to everyone he meets.

While the Siberian Husky is fun to play with, he is not the most fun to train. Often considered one of the more difficult dogs to train, it is difficult to keep the attention of a Siberian Husky. Despite this, the breed is considered very intelligent. He just prefers to do what he wants to do.

The breed has appropriately earned itself the nickname, Houdini. The Siberian Husky is a master escape artist. No fence is too tall to jump or too deep to dig under! If the Siberian Husky does happen to stay in your yard then there are sure to be holes everywhere! The Siberian Husky can’t help himself when it comes to these behaviors. They are hard-wired into his brain. He was bred to not just walk, but run for mile upon mile and never tire! It only makes sense that he desires to roam away from the yard. As for the digging, the husky would dig a hole in the snow to keep warm while sleeping or he might dig to pull up an animal living in the tundra for dinner. To deter him from digging your grass it is often recommended to give the Siberian Husky a designated area to dig.

The Siberian Husky doesn’t need a lot of space to live in your home if he is provided with sufficient exercise. Running is what he was bred to do and might just be his favorite form of exercise. To keep up with him without wearing yourself out try biking with your husky. There are many options for exercise, just make sure it happens! A tired husky is a good husky.



The happy-go-lucky personality of the Siberian Husky is a joy to have around. Yes, his instincts might just drive you nuts at times, but if you can have a touch of humor with your husky then he is sure to please you. You will find yourself continually inspired by this intelligent breed. A pet owner once told me,

“If I asked my Sheltie to jump off a cliff, he would obediently do so. If I asked my Siberian Husky to jump off a cliff, he would say, “After you Mom.” Now you tell me which dog is smarter.”

While the Siberian Husky will bring trouble sooner or later, he will also bring to the plate things that other dogs struggle to become. With a Siberian Husky you are guaranteed personality, courage, strength, instinct, and love. You can’t train a dog to do those things, it is only something that they already are.




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