Have you ever wanted to own a wolf? Well, this breed is as close to owning a wolf as you can get without actually owning one. The Tamaskan is all dog and is as closely related to the wolf as any other dog breed. Read about the history and temperament of the Tamaskan to decide if the breed might be right for you?



Five husky-type dogs were imported to the United States in the early 1980’s to be cross bred with the Siberian Husky, Malamute, and German Shepherd. The off-spring of these dogs were then sent back to Finland for further breeding and fine tuning. They bred specifically to create the wolf-look in a domesticated dog. If you saw a Tamaskan running through the woods you would most likely assume wolf, so by most standards the breeding of the Tamaskan was a success.



Because the Tamaskan is a recent breed, the personalities and temperaments can still vary from litter to litter and pup to pup. However, as a whole they are quite pleasurable dogs. If you ever meet a Tamaskan you will most likely be welcomed with lots of tail wagging and licking. His friendly personality makes him good with kids, pets, and strangers.

Like the Siberian Husky, the Tamaskan is a very pack oriented dog. The breed doesn’t do well in isolation and prefers to be with his pack. Take the time and early training to instill pack order with humans at the top. Unlike the typical Husky, a Tamaskan can be trained to have a reliable recall, or return to you when called. This favorable trait can most likely be attributed to the German Shepherd Dog.

The Tamaskan is a very intelligent breed. He learns quickly and has so far proven himself in many sports and working tasks. Because he still a new breed, he has not yet established a name for himself in any specific task.

The Tamaskan is a very strong dog with a high energy level, as such he will need to be provided with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.



Owning a Tamaskan requires an intuitive owner that can understand the breed without a lot of resources. There is not a lot published about the breed nor are there many trainers who have worked specifically with the breed. Do your research before purchasing a Tamaskan. Know that the Tamaskan is a highly intelligent breed with a lot of energy. This will require a lot of work on the part of an owner to keep up with the breed.

Overall, the Tamaskan is a very gentle breed that is very intuitive. The Tamaskan will do well in active homes with a large yard. The breed will thrive when given a job or sport to master. If you do find yourself with a Tamaskan, you will find the dog has found a quiet way to enter your heart and lovingly stay by your side.


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