Day Care Services

Welcome! We are a family who, like you, love our dogs! Meet Timber (right) and Tundra (left). These are our fur babies and we would love to meet yours!


We used to leave town all the time, and it was so hard finding a good sitter!

Most important to us was that our dogs felt loved and cared for. We didn’t want them to just be another number among a sea of dogs! If your dogs are anything like ours, then they love human interaction and one on one time.

Second, we didn’t want to break the bank every time we left! It can get expensive when you pay to leave your dog somewhere else. We strive to keep our prices affordable.

 If you want the same things for your dogs that we did, then give us a call and let your dogs stay in a home with a yard, family, and a few doggy friends.We strive to offer a cozy environment for your dog to enjoy when with us. 

Here is what we offer:

Day visits: $10

We just keep the rate at a flat $10 per day. This way, if you can’t make it when you originally planned (we have all been there), then no pressure. Just an easy $10 for the day. This includes:

A trip to the dog park. We try to make it to the dog park once a day, about mid day. (Note: we do not guarantee a trip to the dog park). If you are uncomfortable with your dog going to the dog park then no pressure, we won’t go! If you would like your dog to go then mention it and we will take him/her!

A walk in the morning and in the evening. We will do a mid day walk if a trip to the dog park does not happen.

Each day the dog will have access to a fenced in yard. One of our dogs, Timber, prefers to be outside most of the time. Tundra on the other hand is mostly inside. Whatever your dog prefers is fine with us.

We have play time every 2-3 hours when we just play with the dogs, inside or outside. We try to be interactive and provide lots of mental and physical stimulation. Our goal: for your dog to go home happy and well-played. A tired dog is a good dog!

Overnight: $7

Also a flat rate.

We do not add on extras for medications, or treats, or play time, or walks. We figure that all comes with the territory of taking care of a dog!

Whatever your dog sleeps with regularly is what we ask that you bring. Whether that be a kennel, bed, blanket, or pillow we have found that helps the dog feel more comfortable, especially when finding a place to rest.

If your dog is staying for a day and a night it is $17 total.

Hours: We try to accommodate varying work schedules so we do not have set hours. However, we won’t wake up in the middle of the night for you to pick up or drop off your dog. If you are reasonable, we will be too. 

Bath Time: $10

If it is about time for your doggy to get a nice sudsy wash, we would love to do that for you! We know that some dogs are not big fans of the bath tub, so we work extra hard to make it as fun/relaxing of an experience as possible.

FOOD: Please bring your dog’s food from home. It is best that your dog follows his regular diet. We do provide treats, even for those who have allergies, at no extra cost!

TRAINING: If you have specific manners or tricks you are working on then let us know and we will keep up the good habits! We would hate for your dog to go home and lose all the progress you have made!

We expect good behavior out of all the dogs that come into our home. We believe in pack mentality with humans at the top. We believe there is a lot of power in positive rewards with positive behavior. Every dog can be a good dog if provided with exercise, discipline, and love.

Click on the Contact info to get a hold of us. Let us know what dates you would like, your dogs basic info, and the best way for us to get a hold of you.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog!


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