Puppies for Sale in Iowa

We are excited to announce a litter of Golden Retriever puppies! The puppies are due the second week of December! Meet the parents:


Timber, the sire, (right side) is our brave and athletic boy. He is strong and agile and does well in many sports. He is highly motivated and will retrieve all day long if you let him. Timber is smart and problem solves quickly. He is obedient and very loyal. No matter what distractions there are, he is quick to return when called. Timber was our first Golden Retriever, from Rainershine Golden Retrievers, in Wayland Michigan.

Tundra, the dam, (left side) is our sweet and loving girl. She is mellow and patient, also looking to please her people. Tundra’s biggest problem in life is figuring out who to protect/watch over. She continually ‘makes the rounds’ as she rotates between checking on each member of our family and Timber. She loves to play, but is happiest when she is sitting by your feet. Tundra is from a breeder here in Iowa.

Both dogs meet the Golden Retriever standard of temperament and health. They are up to date on immunizations and health clearances.

We are very excited as we anticipate the offspring from Timber and Tundra. We expect some dark red/copper colors and some lighter golden colors. We feel a combination of the temperaments will produce excellent pups. We will do temperament testing on each puppy to determine what home they will best fit into. We will interview each prospective owner to understand what you desire in your dog. Doing this will help ensure that you get the right puppy for your home.


Each puppy is $875 male or female. A deposit of $400 is required to hold a puppy. The most recent ultrasound confirmed at least seven puppies although the veterinarian expects more. We will only take seven deposits and then create a waiting list.

Please Contact us by clicking the link or visiting the contact page from the above menu. Please include your full name and a way to contact you. Thank you for your interest!



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